About Us

Full Circle Communications, Inc. is an award-winning full-service public relations firm established in 2000 and based in Pasig City, Philipines. We specialize in launching, building and sustaining startups companies and market leaders. We work with our clients to create proactive, ongoing public relations campaigns that generate positive press coverage. We back our work with honest, efficient and professional practices.

Full Circle helps both budding and established companies attain a sustained positive and favorable image among their clients and stakeholders.  It endeavors to help companies build lasting relationships with their clients to achieve the desired results -- whether an increase in market share, churn in more profits or, simply, establish goodwill.

Generally, its all relationship management for Full Circle. Whether the media, government representatives or businesspeople, we have long exhibited a unique ability to form valuable relationships on behalf of our clients. In addition, with our varied and wide network, Full Circle is well-positioned to assist any organization in media and public relations and marketing campaign objectives. Such efforts are designed to result in increased positive exposure for our client to be recognized as a significant influence in the marketplace


If you are considering engaging a public relations firm, try us. Here's how Full Circle work with clients:

  1. All our client relationships are established as ongoing or long-term relationships. While we also do one-time projects, Full Circle believes that the most successful campaigns are those that maintain consistent focus across all the most essential PR program elements (proactive news generation, proactive editorial planning, media relations, government relations, etc.) over the long term.
  2. Our staff are experienced in a wide range of industry product and service categories. We know how to identify, conceptualize and package interesting news stories and feature articles.
  1. Once we package your story, we're expert at placing it across virtually any media, including dailies, tabloids, magazines, radio, television, blogs, and more.
  1. We back each monthly invoice with a comprehensive accomplishment report. The report will include clippings, media mileage (vis-à-vis Advertising and PR value) and other PR services done on the client’s behalf.
  1. Our engagement fee is relatively low compared to other agencies. This means you get your money’s worth. At Full Circle, we'll work to provide you an efficient and effective program that is value-for-money.
  1. Full Circle does not mark up out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Full Circle can help build companies of lasting value and reputation through public relations. If we can build your value and reputation, all else will follow.

Full Circle Communications advocates constant innovation to effectively deliver the message to more people in a shorter span of  time and the most cost-effective means. Most importantly, the following makes Full Circle Communications the strategic public relations partner:

  1. PROFESSIONALISM. Our ability to deal with the most discriminating clients.
  2. RELIABILITY. Our ability to deliver high quality public relations services and products at the prescribed time.
  3. COMMITMENT. Our willingness to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations in order to meet their demands.


  • Backroom Support -- Behind-the-scenes, competent writers and artists that will produce media-related materials and artworks.
  • Extensive Media Relations – Our varied skills and ability to maintain reasonably intimate contacts with people in the newspaper, TV, radio and advertising business. This will ensure wide and positive media exposure and coverage of clients’ programs and activities.
  • Expertise in Public Relations  -  We have proven ourselves capable of handling the various public relations demands of growing and established companies and individuals. The list of past and current clientele should speak for itself.
  • Expertise in Crisis Management – Our vast experience in damage control shall be made available to manage any crisis situation that a client may be embroiled or dragged into. Our strong and harmonious relations with media shall ensure that bad publicity can be controlled, if not totally eliminated.
  • Senior Management Involvement – Senior members of Full Circle are involved hands-on in servicing clients. Depending on client’s primary needs, each of the senior staff is responsible for a set of clients and the corresponding team.           

These are the elements that form our clients’ solid confidence in Full Circle.


Our team is a dedicated, aggressive group of communications specialists, with decades of experience in public relations and advertising.  Our staff is a representative of a mix of varying  fields of experience that serve to positively meet the needs and challenges of our clients.


•Established June 2000 as single proprietorship

•Incorporated in April 2005

•A full-service public relations agency

•Help our clients churn more profits and achieve growth targets